Research has shown that

63% of adults

Never finish a book they start...

All the while...

If there is one habit ultra-successful people have in common, it's that they read. They read a lot!

Just to name a few....  ​


  • -   Warren Buffet, who devotes up to 80% of his day to reading

  • -    Bill Gates, who claims to read at least 50 books each year

  • -  Oprah Winfrey, who credits reading as her gateway out of poverty

  • - Elon Musk, who says he learned how to build rockets through books

  • - Mark Cuban, whose reading routine takes up to 5 hours a day

But reading a few books

a year won't make you

successful just like that

Luckily, at EBBC we've discovered and perfected the ideal recipe to turn information into knowledge and how to put that knowledge into practice.


It all starts by jointly selecting a book or topic. And obviously we then make sure to read up on it in order to be fully prepared for the upcoming EBBC session(s)!

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