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The difference between where you are today and where you’ll be five years from now will be found in the quality of books you’ve read

- Jim Rohn

EBBC is not just another book club. It is not just another seminar. And it's not just another networking event. EBBC is actually all of those combined.


At EBBC we strongly believe in self-education. Our secret recipe is based on curated content combined with peer-to-peer learning. Mix this with an ambitious, entrepreneurial and enthusiastic group of growth-minded people and you get a dangerously interesting cocktail.​

EBBC members in every chapter around the globe have set the audacious goal to get together on a monthly basis to co-create interactive and introspective sessions. The selected book or topic are used as the common thread yet it does not stop there.

Peer-to-peer learning, sharing of experiences and figuring out how to put knowledge into practice are the primary objectives of these sessions. By doing so we create and stimulate an environment that is both challenging and respectful, stimulating and reflective, inclusive, and rewarding.

We activate (y)our knowledge​!

EBBC member Lieze

To me, EBBC is a platform for personal and professional growth, a community of motivated and interesting people where meaningful connections are created, a place where ideas are born, tested, and challenged. EBBC is a mindset. One of curiosity and growth.

- Lieze Belmans 

EBBC member since 2017

Be the entrepreneur of your life.


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EBBC Values



We create

an inclusive, diverse, respectful and safe environment

for everyone.



We are driven

by our growth-mindset and curiosity, and inspire it in others.

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We build

empowering communities that connect people, ideas and frameworks.

entrepreneurial ebbc.png


We innovate

by having an 

entrepreneurial approach, experiment, and challenge

the status quo..

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We believe

in the power of

life long learning and activating knowledge together.

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